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gravity thickener design calculations

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thickening is defined as removal of water from sludge to achieve a reduction in moisture content of slurries. the resulting material is still fluid. thickening is used at most wastewater treatment plants as an economic measure to reduce the volume of sludge or for greater efficiency in subsequent processes.

gravity sludge thickener water clarification systems

tonka water a u.s. water brand’s gravity sludge thickener is used to condense solids and conserve water in the treatment process often in lime softening applications. the gravity sludge thickener can be used to recover additional water downstream to tonka water’s triclear™ solids contact clarifier.

how to size a thickener - mineral processing & metallurgy

knowing how to size a thickener and determine the capacity required to handle a pre-determined tonnage of a certain pulp by overflowing a clear solution and obtaining the desired pulp density of thickener discharge depends upon the settling rate of that particular pulp. the settling rate of any pulp is easily determined by simple laboratory tests such as outlined below: laboratory test

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improve clarifier and thickener design and operation

clarifiers and thickeners are essentially ide ntical units; a clarifier produces clean water while a thickener concentrates a solids slurry as the desired product. in this discussion thickener will be used to describe both units. also a gravity separation of solids from water is assumed to take place.

gravity thickening of activated sludge

gravity thickening. gravity thickening of sludge is defined as a process by which particles or aggregates of particles of dilute sludge due to their greater specific gravity settle through water and concentrate. besides reducing subsequent chemical and volumetric require-ments in dewatering processes gravity thickening is also an

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