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international rectifier ksa6dbf selenium rectifier d651409 more buying choices $27.14 (1 used offer) rectifier three phase charging system - fits honda cb350 cb400f cb500 cb550 cb750

life and failures of selenium rectifiers

life and failures of selenium rectifiers . too often when powering an old radio or an electronic set that uses selenium rectifiers in its power supply section these components fail. symptoms are a quite fast overheating of the rectifiers themselves a considerable reduction of the ac and

selenium rectifier danger! - smokstak

aug 02 2016· re: selenium rectifier danger! my observation is that nearly every useful industrial substance is "known to the state of california to cause cancer..". but i don't plan on making cfl lamp stew for supper so i think i'll be ok.

selenium rectifier voltage drop | electronics forums

jul 11 2003· was put in series with the silicon diode to make it look more like the selenium stack. don-----dant posted: << i am restoring an older tube short wave radio that contains a selenium rectifier for the high voltage power supply. i've replaced it with a silicon diode however the lower voltage drop of the diode requires an

selenium full-wave bridge rectifier testing

selenium full-wave bridge rectifier testing dn by jon pardue 2007 updated 2013 selenium full-wave rectifiers 3-wire ground connection earth connection - (minus) battery terminal negative battery terminal chassis ground cathode warning: do not breathe the smoke from a failing rectifier. evacuate the area. selenium is toxic. in england its

how to replace a selenium rectifier with a diode

jan 05 2016· sears silvertone console stereo repair part something. choosing a backup generator plus 3 legal house connection options - transfer switch and more - …

rectifier selection operation &maintenance

? remove either dc lead from the rectifier stack (h or i). if the breaker trips the rectifier stack will have to be replaced or repaired. if the breaker does not trip the short is still downstream –either in a rectifier output accessory or the groundbed circuit.

selenium rectifiers (barry l. ornitz)

remember that selenium rectifiers have a much greater forward voltage drop with current than do silicon diodes. thus when you replace a selenium diode with a silicon diode expect a higher voltage out of your circuit. for most selenium stacks the dc output is about 2 volts less than the rms input voltage multiplied by the number of plates.

selenium rectifier - wikipedia

a selenium rectifier is a type of metal rectifier invented in 1933. [citation needed] they were used in power supplies for electronic equipment and in high-current battery-charger applications until they were superseded by silicon diode rectifiers in the late 1960s.the arrival of the alternator in some automobiles was the result of compact low-cost high-current silicon rectifiers.

problem with replacing selenium rectifier | all about circuits

sep 01 2019· way back when not really knowing what i was doing where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing i replace a plate-voltage selenium rectifier that had failed with a silicon rectifier in an old tube tv without any other changes. the tv then worked but had a bright edge along one side of the crt display which was the edge of the scan.

selenium - wikipedia

selenium is still used in a few types of dc power surge protectors and one type of fluorescent quantum dot. selenium salts are toxic in large amounts but trace amounts are necessary for cellular function in many organisms including all animals. selenium is an ingredient in many multivitamins and other dietary supplements including infant

viking 2 cdc selenium rectifier and replacement | qrz forums

oct 01 2019· replace selenium rectifiers with either a full or half wave diode bridge and a suitable voltage dropping resistor. i use 1n5408 3a diodes (bought a 100 pack deal that will last me forever). resistor values between roughly 5-25 ohms are typical to emulate the high losses in selenium rectifiers.

selenium rectifier - wikivisually

a selenium rectifier is a type of metal rectifier invented in 1933. they were used in power supplies for electronic equipment and in high-current battery-charger applications until they were superseded by silicon diode rectifiers in the late 1960s. the arrival of the alternator in some automobiles

selenium rectifier

feb 06 2015· the selenium rectifier makes a b+ of about 130v. a silicon diode makes 150v. this is with a modest 3 miniature tube load including a 6cm8 audio output. i put the silicon diode in series with the selenium as a safety measure and to use the apparently good selenium rectifier voltage drop to keep the b+ where it probably is supposed to be.

after class: working with selenium rectifiers september

jun 12 2012· selenium is another one of those elements/compounds that are essential for life but can kill you in too large of a quantity (like water). see also after class: working with selenium rectifiers the semiconductor diode new selenium rectifiers for home receivers selenium rectifiers and using selenium rectifiers.

selenium rectifiers - thomasnet

welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive selenium rectifiers directory on the internet. a broad range of selenium rectifiers resources are compiled in this industrial portal which provides information on manufacturers distributors and service companies in the selenium rectifiers industry.

selenium rectifier presses -

selenium rectifier - wikivisually. a selenium rectifier is a type of metal rectifier invented in 1933 they were used in power supplies for electronic equipment and in high current battery charger applications until they were superseded by silicon diode rectifiers in the late 1960s.

selenium rectifier in other diodes for sale | ebay

<p>vintage w/ box selenium rectifier sarkes tarzian model 100. i know nothing about this stuff. comes with everything you see. shipped with usps priority</p> $9.99. $7.90 shipping. or best offer. watch. 4-vintage ge selenium rectifier part # 6rs110fb1 nos military grade-new old sto. $18.00.

old time selenium rectifiers - can someone explain them

sep 22 2005· selenium rectifiers are allso semiconductor devices but amorphouse. in old days we used to say taht each plate of rectifier can whithstand about 30v of reverse voltage and that each square centimeter of it's surface can whitstand 100ma of current. you should count number of plates connected in series and calculate area of plate.

small selenium diodes: practical uses? | electronics forum

oct 24 2019· selenium rectifiers do not age well and need to have the plates "re-formed" (much like electrolytic caps that have been in storage or idle for a long time) if they have been sitting idle. the thing i never liked about selenium rectifiers was the relatively high reverse leakage current.

preventative maintenance - brunswick selenium rectifier "a

preventative maintenance - brunswick selenium rectifier "a's" 10-08-2017 09:48 am with the help of james and exmech i converted my old jet back rectifiers to a silicon bridge rectifier.

antique radio forums ? view topic - selenium rectifier

selenium rectifiers have a lot more internal resistance than silicon rectifiers so they often use a smaller value of surge limiting resistance. while a 400v rectifier would seem to be ok on a 120vac line it really doesn't have much margin for transients. until the tubes warm up the b+ voltage will be …

selenium rectifiers: how to preserve them?

dec 03 2008· selenium rectifiers were made by stacked plates of aluminum or steel one face covered by a thin layer of selenium and by a soft-metal counterelectrode. they could be damaged by excessive humidity or by corrosive atmosphere: however in this the entire set should show severe trace of rust and corrosion.

effect of bending on selenium rectifier disks | nature

bending a selenium rectifier disk causes a temporary increase of the current flowing through it in both directions. the effect (discovered in december 1942) is especially pronounced in the reverse

selenium recifier | qrz forums

jun 19 2007· for a time during the 1950s a lot of television sets were made which used selenium rectifiers. even collins radio used a selenium rectifier in the s-line power supply (516f-2) for the bias voltage rectifier (half-wave). ameco used a selenium rectifier (half-wave) in the power supply for all of their tube-type vhf converters.

sarkes tarzian inc. v. audio devices inc. 166 f. supp

a rectifier is a device used to change alternating current to direct current. it permits miniaturization of radio and television setsachieving the rectification required in an electrical circuit previously accomplished by larger devices such as the selenium rectifier. …

what are the ratings of vintage selenium rectifier b20/16-24?

the plan is to replace the selenium rectifier/s by silicon. the se rectifiers have two marks as follows . vertical '15360' horizontal 'b20/16-24' here is what i hope to find out . what is/are the ratings of this/these selenium rectifiers? should i use 1n4xxx or 1n58xx in lieu of the selenium?

(pdf) the copper oxide rectifier

pdf | the technical history of the copper oxide rectifier is usually incomplete because it does not discuss the use of chilean copper in the manufacture of these devices. the best copper oxide

selenium rectifiers | springerlink

selenium rectifiers have been widely used for many years in general purpose rectifying circuits and still provide an economic and simple rectifier for a variety of applications. since their original

selenium rectifier failure modes? - am fone

a site dedicated for the am radio amateur and vintage radio. home of the am press/exchange the am forum (the largest bbs of it's kind)and the am classifieds photos audio and technical information. audio and video chat rooms.

antique radio forums ? view topic - replacing a selenium

i'm gathering parts for a silvertone 8020 that i am recapping and decided to replace the selenium rectifier that is in it. i have read on a few sites that a bridge rectifier can be used but i'm not sure how that would be possible since in the schematic the rectifier appears as a single diode.<p>if this is the what size diode should i use?

selenium rectifier - radiomuseum

mar 30 2005· on the topic of retaining a selenium rectifier it probably is a really good idea to replace it with silicon diodes. i am not a chemist but i understand that when a selenium rectifier fails it can release toxic gas and retaining a selenium rectifier adds unnecessary risk for the power transformer.

selenium rectifiers october 1952 radio & television news

dec 09 2016· the efficiency of conversion in selenium rectifiers is relatively high usually on the order of 90 per-cent in three-phase full-wave circuits and 70 per-cent in single-phase full-wave circuits. the nonlinear characteristics of selenium rectifiers contribute to high …

by rich bonkowski w3hwj …

companies began to make commercial rectifiers by evaporating selenium onto small plates of steel or aluminum. these rectifiers were a real break-through in improving the efficiency of electronic equip-replacingseleniumrectifiers typical selenium rectifiers. by rich bonkowski w3hwj 3568 southridge dr. santa rosa ca 95403

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