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efficient saving energy grinding ball mill

factors affecting grinding efficiency of ball mill cement

2.grinding feed size. mill feed particle size of the grinding machine for grinding efficiency influence is mainly manifested in size will affect the mill work of ore, steel ball for ore crushing in the ball mill is a kind of random work, crushing efficiency is very low, so once into the grinding particle size is too big, ball mill energy will

energy saving ball mill

in the early time of a dressing plant in xinjiang, it adopted ordinary ball mill in grinding system, due to the lining board, the grinding caused discharge chunk and abnormal breakage of lining board, which led to the ball mill cannot operate normally. to solve this problem, the client selected energy saving ball mill.

addition of pebbles to a ball-mill to improve grinding

the grinding capacity, when using a mixture containing 25% pebbles, was the same as that with balls alone, resulting in a 13% saving in energy and an implied saving in ball consumption of 25%. it was concluded that the use of a composite load for secondary grinding is a very attractive option.

the grinding efficiency of the ball mill

ball mill, improve the crushing rate of ball mill. also the grinding efficiency of ball mill will reduce. if the steel balls are too small, even the collision probability is relatively high, but the energy of single steel ball is very small, which cannot efficiently grind the ore particles, also leading to the reduction of grinding efficiency.

the energy efficiency of ball milling in comminution

schellinger's calculated ball mill efficiency, in dry or wet ball mill grinding, ranges between 10% and 19%, with the higher figure occurring at the optimal mill loading. in terms of the brace and walsh surface free energy of quartz, his results give a ball mill efficiency that is less than 0.5%.

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